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Information on Ethereum’s Constantinople Fork and How Bitvo Plans to Support

Calgary, Alberta – Bitvo is pleased to announce that it has enhanced its offering for institutions, by providing additional benefits to institutional and high-volume traders using the Bitvo platform, including:

  • Same day account set up;
  • Access to a dedicated account manager to facilitate large volume over-the-counter trades (including expedited fiat deposit and withdrawal options); and
  • API access.

Further, Bitvo would like to reiterate its best-in-class Cold Storage policies and procedures including its utilization of offsite, third party, air-gapped Cold Storage that is only accessible with multiple signatures.

“Whether you’re an institution or have a personal account with Bitvo, trading hundreds of dollars or millions, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with a professional and reliable cryptocurrency trading solution that they can trust” says Pamela Draper, President & CEO.

Bitvo is run by an experienced team of financial services, payment processing and banking professionals who are dedicated to ensuring a professional, transparent and efficient cryptocurrency exchange experience. For more information and to apply for a Bitvo institutional account, please visit As always, you can register instantly for a personal account with Bitvo and start trading right away at

To connect with us at any time, please contact us at Bitvo’s 24/7 customer support team at support@bitvo.test or 1-833-86BITVO (1 833-862-4886).

About Bitvo

Bitvo is a private company with international reach founded by experienced financial services, payment and banking entrepreneurs, that offers a state-of-the-art cryptocurrency exchange trading platform to make cryptocurrencies easier to access and more secure for its customers and to provide a professional, transparent and efficient cryptocurrency exchange experience.

For further information, please contact:
Pamela Draper
President CEO


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